The Plague – New Single & Video

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The Colleen Power Band is back with a brand new single and video that’s perfectly fitting for the pandemic times. The Plague is the band’s first release since last October’s Busy Highway, and — despite the timely title and lyrics — was actually written in 2014.

“The band figured we’d put the song out there now — in advance of the entire album being ready for release — because COVID-19 may be over by then, and nobody will want to hear a song called The Plague,” says Colleen Power.

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She adds the song’s bed tracks were recorded in October, 2019, and the track was completed last month. The band decided to release the song two weeks before Hallowe’en for obvious reasons.

Says Power, “It seems these days, you can either laugh or cry, and we choose to have fun with it.”

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Power, the band’s lead singer, also directed, edited, and shot the video in recent months with help from her two daughters, and features band members Ed Sutherby, Jason Whelan, and Aneirin Thomas, as well as Chuck Herriot of the St. John’s Actor’s Studio.

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The Plague premieres at 12 A.M. on October 15, 2020 on the Baygirl Music YouTube Channel. Here is the link:

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The single is available for download here:

Please support the band by downloading the single. You can now purchase Colleen’s seven solo albums at — — all proceeds from sales over the next few months will go toward finishing the new album.

The Plague

Written by Colleen Power
Arranged with The CP Band
Background Vocals arranged with Liz Solo

Vocals, guitar — Colleen Power
Guitars — Jason Whelan
Bass — Aneirin Thomas
Drums — Ed Sutherby

Recorded at Sound Solution by Jason Whelan, except Colleen’s vocals, background vocals and guitar – recorded by Colleen at Baygirl Music.

Mixed by Spencer Crewe

Mastered by Jason Whelan at Sound Solution