Happy New Year! Please subscribe to the Colleen Power YouTube Channel

Happy New Year, friends and fans! Bonne année, mes amis et mes vrais fans !



Over the past year or so, I’ve been working hard to find copies of my music videos that were deleted from Youtube. I was only left with deteriorated versions of many videos. With many thanks to Bern Hammond of NIFCO, I have been able to re-upload high quality versions of *some of these missing videos to my Youtube channel.
Here’s the link to my Youtube channel. Have a look, and please subscribe:
All the best in the New Year!
P.S. I will have some news about an online show soon, as undoubtedly, our upcoming shows in the near future will be cancelled. I want to be able to do live shows on Youtube, so your subscriptions would really help! Onward and upward through the Covid!