Happy Spring!


I am very excited to announce a show I will be hosting coming up in a fantastic new live music room right on George Street!

A special day is planned for Sunday, April 7, 2019 at Oderin Hall at the Trinity Pub on George Street to celebrate the talent the Placentia Bay area has spurned out over the decades, and highlight the heritage of the area.

For years, I wished there was an event like this in St. John’s. So many of us have moved to town and the surrounding area. It’ll be fantastic to host this afternoon variety show and have everyone in this beautiful room right on historic George Street

The show will take place early in the day, from 1 – 5 PM so you still can have a chance to go to Nan’s for Sunday supper!

Performers from all around Placentia Bay will take part in the matinee, with music by Placentia’s Larry Foley & Mock Greene, East isle Wind (from Little Bona), Kevin Hartley & Whisky in the Shade (from Dunville), and Kevin Pomeroy and friends (Merasheen), There will be a special reading by poet Agnes Walsh (from Placentia), with stories and Oderin Hall dedication by Gordon Lake.

The afternoon will see the new Oderin Hall dedication by Gordon Lake, relative of owner/operators Bern and Mick Manning. Bern Manning says, “We named the space after the birth home of my Father and his family. It is important to pay tribute to where we have come from. It is meant to pay homage to the people of Oderin as well as all people of Placentia Bay.”

Tickets for the Placentia Bay Matinee are just $15 and are on sale now at The Trinity Pub.

Placentia Bay Matinee
Sunday, April 7, 2019
1-5 PM
Oderin Hall in the Trinity Pub
Tickets $15